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If I remember correctly, February 29, 2012, the ceiling of my living room collapsed while me, my pregnant wife and my mother in law, were dining. We relocated temporarily to an hotel and I immediately started to look for a new apartment to rent because my wife was due to deliver in a few days (delivery was foreseen for March 4).
While we stayed in the hotel, me, my wife and my mother in law spent days and nights looking for apartments furnished and ready to be rented because, as you can imagine, we wanted a safe and quite place once the baby was born.

It was not an easy challenge because my wife was still shocked by the collapsing and we literally run everywhere through the city to find an immediately available apartment.
It was difficult for my wife because she got tired quickly as the pregnancy imposed and I was extremely nervous about the situation. I was alone with 2 women, without a house. In a few cases, I felt desperate.

The game of life is hard but you have to keep playing.

So March 2 we found a lovely apartment not far from our old apartment, but  the rent was considerably higher than expected. My wife was happy with that and we rented it straight away for 3 months, hoping to go back to our ancient apartment once the reconstruction would have fixed the ceiling.
The date for signing the contract was the day after, March 3 at 1 o’clock. “I did it” I thought,  but keep calm, we are not done yet.

During the night of March 2, my wife started labouring and at 2 a.m we rushed to the Saint Jean hospital for a first screening. After 3 hours of exams, we came back to the hotel. False start.
Once in the hotel, just after you made it through your pijama and you are comfortable with your pillow, at 6 a.m my wife was again feeling labour pains.

Again, faster than light, I was in the car, driving at crazy speed with my wife and her mother (my mother-in-law) to the hospital maternity department.
The screening revealed not a sufficient dilatation for the delivery but enough to stay under supervision.

We did all the papers, all the “training” (thanks a lot to the man/woman who entered balloons in the pregancy room), all the recommendations needed “just in the case” but at 12.30, March 3,  we were still there, waiting for the dilatation to become sufficient for starting the delivery.

After being assured by the doctors that I wouldn’t have missed the delivery, I gave a kiss to my wife saying that I would have come back in 1 hour or less as I was going to sign the contract of our new apartment.

I was excited but I was driving relaxed while thinking to the emotions I got in less than 100 hours, when a police officer stopped my car for a routine control.

The police man found that my car insurance was expired and that he was obliged by law to seize the car for further controls: at first I thought it was a candid camera and someone was pulling my legs.
But when I realized that I was not dreaming, and the police man didn’t believe my story (well, who could!)  the only words that came out of my mouth were “Take the car, I have better things to do than wasting my time with you”.No way, the police man didn’t let me go, they wanted me to follow him to the police station! I was desperate, once more.

I abandoned myself to a desperate laugh when, thanks God, another police office came in help and gave me a fine and let me go.

Back on track, I was late, I needed desperately to sign the contract and to rush back to my wife: my son was ready to come!!!

I signed the contract and I went back in time to the hospital to see  Adriano, was born March 3 at 6.08 pm, 3.620 grams of tenderness.

I stayed in the delivery room all the time, side by side with my wife during the hardest moment of a woman’s life and the most beautiful moment for a father to be.
When this new little creature was born I started crying, full of joy, for this beautiful being which joined us and turned us in a lovely family.

Nothing give you the feeling of life as your son does.


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