During my usual, unpredictable no-destination internet surfing, I have came across an emerging new genre called “rap-rave” which apparently one of the most prominent group is “Die Antwoord”.

I got passionated about the topic and did some research…

The name suggested me to be some sort of dutch artists but they revealed to be from South Africa, Cape Town, and in my opinion their sounds are a mix of Bjork, a bit of Eminem with a few sprinkles of unhappy late 80’s ravey synths which I don’t know why but they reminds me the recent MIA tune “Paper plane”.

Sincerely, they are not that good looking and strictly speaking, I would rather say they are a bit ugly: the trio is composed by a trashy platinum-hair girl called “Yo-landi”, and a bum, homeless looking , poorly tatooed man a.k.a “Ninja”. (On his fore arm, he has a tatoo with a small figure with a huge penis and the words “Evil boy” 0_0 ) The trio is completed by a psicopathic looking dj, originally called DJ HighTek.

I am still shocked at seeing them hosted by David Letterman, who recently invited them to air their infamous track “I fink u freeky” during his night show:

The reason of their success seems due to the fact they signed a contract with Interscope records (deus ex-machina of Eminem and 50 cents) and this brings me to the conclusion: did I listen to shit all the time or are they a sort of musical genius ?

Anyway.. the contract with Interscope recently came to an end, apparently due to their latest track which Interscope didn’t approve.. “too extreme” they said.. but Yo-Landi, Ninja and the DJ didn’t get a fuck about the record label and instead turned to their own funds to produce other insanity like this:

They have got 8 million views on their first video (Enter the ninja): I can’t figure out how to get a dime for my music but apparently these crazy heads does sells more than gold these times…..

Is this fucking real ??????


Together with my wife we recently started a new community for italians in Brussels: www.bruxella.com .

The community aims at providing information for Italian newcomers in Brussels, sponsoring italian shops and events, listing restaurants, pubs, cinemas and useful services owned or managed by italians, for italians.

Bruxella  The idea is to promote Italian shops and services, both on-line and off-line, organizing events, parties, dinners and printing calendars, postcards and other merchandising by selecting some of the best artworks (pictures, illustrations,etc..) of our members, which will be regularly invited to participate in competitions.

The project is fully self-managed and self-financed and is a sort of a technical and economical challenge: it is an open initiative where everyone is invited to contribute and everyone can help extending it.
So join us and help us improve the life of italians in Brussels 🙂

This year I have been attending a couple of seminars and presentations which I liked very much and from which I learned the power of the open, interconnected, social networking.

I started in February (February 22) with Richard Stallman and his lecture at the VUB in Brussels about “The danger of software patents” which I very much appreciated.  In Stallman’s vision, patents are mind restricting and does not allow creative minds to freely explore and innovate using others’ ideas.

He exemplified many issues that software developers are facing in large U.S. organization which involves patent breaching and causes the developers to be sued by multibillion companies which holds royalties on some algorithms.

His presentation cleared out that if we insist in patenting every single piece of software, soon there will not be any freedom of innovating but to pay royalties to big companies. It recalled me how Google bought Motorola only for its patents and not for its assets!!

Small software companies will likely abandon new ideas just for the fact that they may be breaching some patented software or simply because they might not be capable in determining if and when their software is potentially breaching a patented software.

Although is very much related to US patent’s systems, Stallman warned that soon the same situation may be applicable to the entire eurozone, because there’s no clear legislation on the matter.

In June 29, 2011 I’ve attended “The Power of Open” by Creative Commons at Google’s office here in Brussels – a friend of mine organized 🙂  🙂 🙂 (I am so proud about that) – where I learned the importance of “open licensing” that in facts, made me re-think on how to promote myself and my music. I now publish my music under the Creative Commons “attribution, non commercial, share alike” license which I hope that will improve my music sharing among my (few) followers and enables other creative minds to create derivates and remixes.

Creative Commons is now in my opinion one of the founding pillars at the basis of this new changing world. The reason I learned from the next conference I attended.

I ended up blogging (in their official, password protected blog ) for the 2011 EuroCIO Annual Conference in November 30, a 2 days conference in Paris where I had the pleasure to attend speeches and lectures by many of the most influential CIOs and thought leaders in Europe.

The main thread there was openness and change management in this new ever changing economy. Every single company is now attempting at tackling the recession with new management ideas and tools, most of which are concerned at social networks and systems’ elasticity in the cloud computing era.

The most interesting lecture was the one by Pieter Hinssen which presented the “New Normal”, describing how we have spent 20 years becoming digital and that now we are only half-way to become it. Today the new normal is to put the customer at heart of the company operations because people is starting to become shaped by technology (in his slideshow is showed a split picture with the upper part depicting the “old normal” where a family was having a dinner altogether and the lower part depicting the “new normal” where everyone around the table is watching the TV).

From these 3 conferences I learned that Belgium is a common gather for thought leaders (Stallman was invited by ESI, Google invited Mark Patterson to talk about CC here and Hinssen is a Flemish). There are so many new challenges in the world, and sharing is the key to master it.

Share your thought, your work, your pictures, your music, your life.

I have released a new track with a vocal from Jacinda Espinosa I have sampled from ccMixter.
I have to say that I was working on the track from a few months already, but when I listen her vocal I tuned the final version of the mix in order to accomodate the samples.
It added a bright improvement to the overall feeling of the track although it dramatically changed the scope – which I think is a bit more techno-ish – but instead turned out to be more trance-ish…

I don’t care.. the final mix is so groovy that I enjoyed it so much that I even produced a video.. OK a cut-n-paste video of some Creative Commons video I found on Archive.org but hey… I bit of self-promotion is never that bad 🙂

Here it is:

Don’t know exactly where I made some of them but they are strange enough to have a post on my blog…


What do Jackie Brown, Quentin Tarantino and Umberto Smaila have in common ?

Well, for those who don’t know it,  Quentin Tarantino is a sort of maniac for italian B-movies, specially those thrillers of the sixties and the seventies…  In Jackie Brown he tributed Italy by using some scenes of “La Belva col Mitra” (a 1977 thriller with Helmut Berger, directed by Sergio Grieco) which soundtrack was composed by Umberto Smaila, one of the most famous anchorman in Italy and best known for its main tvshow “Colpo Grosso”.
In Jackie Brown, Louis (Robert de Niro) and Melanie (Janet Fonda) are watching “La Belva col Mitra” when smoking weed and having a good time while Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson) is out to meet Jackie. TC:01:00.




I am addicted…