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I want to share (only with myself most probably) my thoughts about why is important to have an English CV, the de-facto international working language.

Although It was almost by accident that I translated my CV in English, I later recognized its power.

First, fast-growing companies use English as their main language. Which means that companies that can face market crisis, speak English.
Which in turn, leads me to observe that those companies who wants to establish businesses in top-growing economies (a.k.a emerging countries) must speak English, because at least internally they must have a common language.
So to be recruited by those companies, you must have a CV in English.

Second, if you aim at relocating, best international recruiters uses English as a de-facto standard language to post job descriptions, interview and recruit new talents.
English is more conversational than other languages and it’s lot easier to express yourself during interviews, not least many national languages’ business terms are nowadays borrowed from English.

Third, if you are hired by someone who doesn’t asks you if you speak English, you may not be looking for an internationally-open environment. Conclusion: the company is losing a big portion of the market.
For example, if you’re looking for services in an hospital or a public administration and the workforce doesn’t speak English, they can’t effectively offer services to English-speaking expats which may be willing to pay even more than nationals.

Fourth, If you look for a job in your country and still hesitate to translate it in English because not many companies are requesting it, having a CV in English can nothing but duplicating the chances to land the job of your dreams.
It differentiate you, it gives you a plus against other candidates that didn’t do it.

On the other hand, I think today we need a structured format of CVs that can be interchanged among different companies and despite the language used, describe and qualifies the skills of an individual.
An attempt is made by the European Commission, with the eCompetence Framework, that (at least in the ICT Sector) aims at establishing this format.
Again in English.



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