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This video from a company named Leap Motion demonstrates an innovative device  that will be soon changing our way of working and most of all, videogaming.

It seems it is using a mix of gestures (finger-triggered actions introduced with Apple mousepads) and spatial movements (those introduced by Microsoft Kinect).

Hope to see more about this and, definitely I must have it!!!


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In a recent article published by MusicRadar (anGarageBand running on the iPad!d confirmed by Apple here) seems that the iPad 2 will start a new generation of digital audio workstations and I couldn’t imagine a better future for the music production industry.
It is not only portable, but it is compatible with Apple Logic, wow!!!

I am sure I am not going to buy new bulky hardware like synths, mixers and vinyl or CD decks when I can have a clean, easy maintainance touch-screen which I can even customize as best suits my likes.

Mobility is everywhere and digitization is unavoidable: more and more laptops and midi-controllers are used in gigs (Traktor or Ableton Live are the most famous) and vinyls and CDs are going make the same end as as music cassettes.
Now is the turn of synthetizers (as it has been the case with Korg iMS-20 and Electribe) and finally DAW…

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