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In the almost imminent release of the album celebrating the 15th anniversary of their success, The Prodigy have included some dubstep  remixes of Smack My Bitch Up (by the dutch Noisia) and Breathe (by Zeds Dead).
The remix made by Noisia has hitted the first position on the BeatPort dubstep top 100 that’s why I am writing about it.

I am not a fan of dubstep music, but it’s funny to see that this relatively new genre has been so prolific that Skrillex – a.k.a the king of the dubstep scene  – has dubbed a soundtrack for a Disney’s featured movie (Wreck-it Ralph);  The Prodigy – hands up – have started including featured tracks in their album, and many other genres increasingly include dubstep-like taste to their tunes.


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I have released a new track with a vocal from Jacinda Espinosa I have sampled from ccMixter.
I have to say that I was working on the track from a few months already, but when I listen her vocal I tuned the final version of the mix in order to accomodate the samples.
It added a bright improvement to the overall feeling of the track although it dramatically changed the scope – which I think is a bit more techno-ish – but instead turned out to be more trance-ish…

I don’t care.. the final mix is so groovy that I enjoyed it so much that I even produced a video.. OK a cut-n-paste video of some Creative Commons video I found on Archive.org but hey… I bit of self-promotion is never that bad 🙂

Here it is:

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What do Jackie Brown, Quentin Tarantino and Umberto Smaila have in common ?

Well, for those who don’t know it,  Quentin Tarantino is a sort of maniac for italian B-movies, specially those thrillers of the sixties and the seventies…  In Jackie Brown he tributed Italy by using some scenes of “La Belva col Mitra” (a 1977 thriller with Helmut Berger, directed by Sergio Grieco) which soundtrack was composed by Umberto Smaila, one of the most famous anchorman in Italy and best known for its main tvshow “Colpo Grosso”.
In Jackie Brown, Louis (Robert de Niro) and Melanie (Janet Fonda) are watching “La Belva col Mitra” when smoking weed and having a good time while Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson) is out to meet Jackie. TC:01:00.




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I am addicted…




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well well well…  after almost 4 months of complete absence (I had a bit of troubled period) I am back with some news…

I have switched to a more interesting dj-setup which is far from being professional but gives me at least a clue on how to practice beat-matching and mixing.
I had a journey in Cash Converters (www.cashconverters.be) to look for a pair of used CDJ and fortunately I found a pair of CDJ-100s for 150 euros.
Then I needed a mixer but unfortunately it is not that easy to find a good used mixer for less than 200 euros so I went for a Stanton m.203 a small but powerful mixer for entry level djs like me.

I decided to swith to a physical “tangible” console as I see that Traktor consoles are not that easy to find in clubs and if I want to play in a club one of these days I have to know how to practive beat-matching without automatic sync feature (sigh!).

I have done some practice but so far I can tell that is not very easy although the more I practice the more I “listen” new improvements.

Now I have 2 consoles: 1 midi-controlled with my Vestax VCI-100 *which the guy at Orbit said that I should sell as soon as possible as the new MKII is coming out and its price is falling* and these new bloody old CDJ 100+Stanton mixer which I will never get rid of.

Now the only thing I need would be a new headphone set, probably one AKG or SONY ?

It seems that Sony MDR-V700DJ has a good reputation

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Are we going to a complete de-materialization of our studios ?????

Have a look at this!!!!

Once called HobNox, it is freely available at http://burn-studios.audiotool.com/ but be sure to have a powerful machine!

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In a recent article published by MusicRadar (anGarageBand running on the iPad!d confirmed by Apple here) seems that the iPad 2 will start a new generation of digital audio workstations and I couldn’t imagine a better future for the music production industry.
It is not only portable, but it is compatible with Apple Logic, wow!!!

I am sure I am not going to buy new bulky hardware like synths, mixers and vinyl or CD decks when I can have a clean, easy maintainance touch-screen which I can even customize as best suits my likes.

Mobility is everywhere and digitization is unavoidable: more and more laptops and midi-controllers are used in gigs (Traktor or Ableton Live are the most famous) and vinyls and CDs are going make the same end as as music cassettes.
Now is the turn of synthetizers (as it has been the case with Korg iMS-20 and Electribe) and finally DAW…

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