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This video from a company named Leap Motion demonstrates an innovative device  that will be soon changing our way of working and most of all, videogaming.

It seems it is using a mix of gestures (finger-triggered actions introduced with Apple mousepads) and spatial movements (those introduced by Microsoft Kinect).

Hope to see more about this and, definitely I must have it!!!


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Together with my wife we recently started a new community for italians in Brussels: www.bruxella.com .

The community aims at providing information for Italian newcomers in Brussels, sponsoring italian shops and events, listing restaurants, pubs, cinemas and useful services owned or managed by italians, for italians.

Bruxella  The idea is to promote Italian shops and services, both on-line and off-line, organizing events, parties, dinners and printing calendars, postcards and other merchandising by selecting some of the best artworks (pictures, illustrations,etc..) of our members, which will be regularly invited to participate in competitions.

The project is fully self-managed and self-financed and is a sort of a technical and economical challenge: it is an open initiative where everyone is invited to contribute and everyone can help extending it.
So join us and help us improve the life of italians in Brussels 🙂

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